BIOROCK multi-units: “Beaver Ferienhof” holiday camp

BIOROCK multi-units: “Beaver Ferienhof” holiday camp


Diemitz, Germany


On May 19, 2015 a new BIOROCK® Multi rock plant was installed at in the “Beaver Ferienhof” holiday camp in Diemitz. The system was specifically designed for a population equivalent of 40 people. To celebrate the installation of the BIOROCK system the local mayor, press and local business owners gathered to hear a presentation on the principle of this innovative and 100% energy-free wastewater treatment plant.


40 PE


“Beaver Ferienhof” holiday camp

Technical description

The BIOROCK® plant will treat the wastewater produced by more than 3000 camping guests during an average year. This treatment plant project is a special one for BIOROCK as the client operates a semi-natural and sustainable business approach and invests in and supplies only ecological, economic and sustainable waste management systems. The BIOROCK® septic system was highly recommended in this context and has received immediate interest from both investors and local authorities.

Extract from the press release: "The Beaver Ferienhof is proud of its reputation for working alongside nature, since 2010 all construction and renovation projects have been designed with sustainability as a priority. We have only minimal impact on the Environment and reduce pollution, continuously protecting our unique environment. Our objective is to always fulfill the requests of our guests by providing a wonderful holiday that cares for the environment as well as the guests."

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